Corinne Mattuck and Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund

We understand the importance an educational degree can have on someone’s future, and know that sometimes a small amount of funding can be the difference between attaining that goal and falling short. Our mission is to assist students in completing their semester when otherwise they would not be able to enroll or to continue their enrollment at 球探足球比分 due to unexpected financial circumstances.


球探足球比分 Corinne Mattuck and Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund is a gift of up to $250 to eligible students to help cover unexpected expenses related to travel expenses to/from the residency or graduation weekend; help toward replacing a piece of equipment necessary to a successful semester (such as a computer, printer, camera, etc.); childcare costs during the residency; vehicle maintenance, emergency health care costs incurred at the residency, emergency travel costs for students who are too sick to remain at the college, or for students whose family member becomes ill or injured while the student is at residency; and other costs that are deemed educationally necessary for a successful semester as determined by the fund’s committee members.

Employees have the right to terminate, alter or expand this program at their discretion. Recipients and donors may be expected to complete surveys or questionnaires to help determine the future viability of the program. Recipients may be contacted to conduct voluntary interviews for Clockworks or 球探足球比分 Enews to increase donations and awareness.

Students who receive support from the Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund and withdraw or quit within the first 30 days of their semester or within 30 days from receiving the funding will relinquish their award.


Corinne Mattuck was deeply concerned with the welfare of all students at 球探足球比分. She came to 球探足球比分 in 1939 with her husband, Robert, who was one of the first faculty members at the campus in Plainfield. Corinne’s involvement at 球探足球比分 spanned 45 years, from 1950 to 1995. Over the years, she directed the Adult Education conferences, organized, and directed the Clockhouse Nursery Kindergarten and taught early childhood on the Greatwood campus. She joined the Northwood faculty the first year it opened and later was a faculty member in the Adult Degree Program, where she also served as dean. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, and a Masters degree from 球探足球比分 in 1972. She was awarded a posthumous Doctorate of Humane Letters from 球探足球比分 in 1995.

Financial support for this fund is made possible by the generosity of Corinne Mattuck’s family and employees of 球探足球比分 College. You can help, too! Use Good Search online for your browsing, shopping, and gaming needs, and the emergency fund receives one cent for each online search. Go to, download the app, and select 球探足球比分 College—Student Emergency Fund.

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Corinne Mattuck and Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund

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    I understand: 球探足球比分 amount of emergency funding is limited to $250 per request and a student may only receive an emergency fund once per program. Students must have applied for and exhausted all possible Federal aid (with the exception of credit based aid) before receiving any additional aid from the emergency fund. 球探足球比分 student’s billing account must be in good standing.This fund is considered part of a student’s financial aid award and in rare occasions, where receipt from this fund would put a student over his/her allowable budget, loan funds will be reduced. Although this is an Emergency Fund, recipients should be aware that a check may take many days to be received by the student. In most cases the award would be used to reimburse the student for out of pocket expenses. 球探足球比分 Committee’s decision is final, although students who are denied funding may apply to the committee at another time during their enrollment at 球探足球比分. Students are expected to submit a thank you note to acknowledge the donors who give via payroll deductions, contribute to the bake/craft sales, or make individual gifts, or use Goodsearch/Goodshop. 球探足球比分 thank you notes will be displayed or published (without using the recipient’s name) to increase awareness of the fund and promote appreciation.

Important Announcement

球探足球比分 Board of Directors for 球探足球比分 College have made the difficult decision to close the college at the end of the 2024 Spring term.??


Current 球探足球比分 students will have the opportunity to complete their degrees at the same tuition rate through a teach-out with like-minded institution, Prescott College. Updates and scholarship funds will be available in the coming weeks and months. Information will be posted to

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